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Camp 4 days (CAMBS) 9am-4pm

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Location: Newnham Croft Primary
Dates: 03 April 2018 - 06 April 2018details
Grades: Reception - Yr 6
Section #: NEWNHAM009
Registration closes: 26 March 2018
Special price ends09 March 2018
Regular price:£156.00
Single day bookings available


EARLY BIRD PRICE (until 9th March 2018): £37 per child per day! STANDARD PRICES (after 9th March 2018): £40 per child per day, £156 per child per 4-day week. 15% SIBLING DISCOUNT: please enter MADSIB15 at checkout. GROUP BOOKING: Book 5 or more children for any one day at £35 per child per day! (please phone 01223 880997 for this offer).
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4-day Mad Science Camp full of interactive learning and explosive science fun!

Running each day from 9am until 4pm

Full Address: Newnham Croft Primary School, Chedworth Street, Newnham, Cambridge, CB3 9JF

Tues 3rd - Come Wind, Rain or Shine
Investigate why it rains, what causes lightning and even how weather can be predicted. Step into the shoes of a meteorologist and create some of your own regional weather forecasts. Then we will learn about the Sun’s energy and ultraviolet radiation. During the afternoon’s session, find out that the earth beneath your feet is more than meets the eye in this introductory program on earth science. Discover what the Earth is composed of and uncover the forces that create earthquakes and underwater volcanoes.

Weds 4th - Groovy Gears and Wonky Wheels
I bet you didn’t know that most of your favourite toys use amazing science to make them work? We will use bouncing balls, yo-yos, hot wheels tracks, gyroscopes, wind-up cars and other classic toys to discover the science of motion through fun hands-on activities. All hail to Sir Isaac Newton and his 3 laws of motion! Then we will try out different types of simple machines: levers, wedges, incline planes, wheels and axles, and pulleys. Assemble a catapult, investigate how inclined planes work and discover how a simple wedge can be a powerful tool. And did you know that the human body is one of the most efficient machines in the world?

Thurs 5th - It's a Bugs Life!
Children get engrossed in entomology! Learn about their fabulous flying abilities, unique eyesight, amazing habitats and the way that they defend themselves against predators.. Next stop is the wonderful wiggly world of worms! Your mini Mad Scientists will work with magnifying glasses to get an up close look at the lives and habits of worms. Why do worms shy away from light? How do worms eat? Why should we love worms? All these questions will be answered in an exploration of these wonderful wriggling creatures…

Fri 6th - Behind The Scenes
Sit in a director’s chair and discover why science is the real star on the big screen! Explore the concept of persistence of vision and how we are able to see movies. Get hands-on as we discover the science behind the amazing sound and effects from your favourite movies. Children investigate 3-D technology, and experience how this effect can make them feel like part of the action. Then, our very own motion picture will come alive with an amazing spinning praxinoscope….
Scheduled DateTime
03 April 201809:00 - 16:00
04 April 201809:00 - 16:00
05 April 201809:00 - 16:00
06 April 201809:00 - 16:00

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