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Camp 3 days (CAMBS) 9am-4pm

Location: Burwell Mandeville Hall
Dates: 06 August 2018 - 08 August 2018details
Grades: Reception - Yr 6
Section #: BURWELLHAL005
Registration closes: 30 July 2018
Special price ends19 June 2018
Regular price:£117.00
Single Day Bookings Available


EARLY BIRD PRICE (until 19th June 2018): £37 per child per day! STANDARD PRICES (after 19th June 2018): £40 per child per day, £117 per child for all 3 days. 15% SIBLING DISCOUNT: please enter MADSIB15 at checkout. GROUP BOOKING: Book 5 or more children for any one day at £35 per child per day! (please phone 01223 880997 for this offer)
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Venue Address: Mandeville Hall, Tan House Lane (off Reach Road), Burwell, CAMBS, CB25 0AR

Monday 6th August - Opposites Attract
Our mini Mad Scientists will unlock the mysterious powers of magnets and explore their daily uses, whilst learning that in science opposites most definitely attract! Trace the history of the science of magnetism and learn some tricks of the magnet trade – including our Mad Science Indian Rope Trick and our Mad Science Floating Magnet Test.... Test for electro-magnetic fields and then use what you have learned to build your own electro magnet. Continuing our adventures in physics, the children will get hands-on looking at the opposites of the temperature scale; building their own thermometer and witnessing the power of an underwater volcano. They will explore the importance of the fire triangle whilst launching our very special Mad Science tea bag rocket! We certainly heat things up in this thermometer-changing sand-shaking session...

Tuesday 7th August - Construction and Destruction
Create, build and challenge yourself! Explore all concepts of forces (the power of 'pushes' and 'pulls'!) and discover the strengths of different shapes. Learn how these shapes create sturdy homes and skyscrapers as we all become Mad Science engineers! Working in teams we will be building bridges, towers, wartime bunkers and even buildings – who can build a building to withstand an earthquake or even a bomb!? Then, all hands on deck, as we take on the mighty trebuchet challenge....

Wednesday 8th August - Potty Potions
Get ready for more exciting chemistry fun from the Mad Science Laboratory! Become a Mad Science chemist as you learn all about the chemical reactions that you may encounter every day at home! The children will mix up a (very controlled!) explosion and watch colours float past their eyes… They will get to grips with the properties of Mad Science Magic Mud and have fun building their very own Marshmallow Molecules! Finish by watching (and smelling!) one of our very favourite chemical reactions in action – but be ready, blink and you might miss it!
Scheduled DateTime
06 August 201809:00 - 16:00
07 August 201809:00 - 16:00
08 August 201809:00 - 16:00

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