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5 Day Summer London Camp 2018

Location: St John's Upper Holloway School camp (London)
Dates: 23 July 2018 - 27 July 2018details
Grades: Reception - Yr 6
Section #: ST JOHN'S003
Registration closes: 28 July 2018
Special price ends19 June 2018
Regular price:£170.00
Price notes: Early Bird Discount: £32.00 per child per day if you book before 5.00pm on 19th June.


Price notes: Early Bird Discount: £32.00 per child per day if you book before 5.00pm on Tuesday 19th June 2018. (£36.00 thereafter) or Sibling Discount: 15% of total cost for siblings booked at the same time. Only one discount applies, highest value discount will be applicable. GROUP DISCOUNT: Book 5 or more children for one day in one transaction for £30.00 per child per day (This is not available online so please call us on 0203 031 6900)
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5 classes


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Monday 23rd July
Mad Science Detective Agency

Tuesday 24th July
Animal Antics

Wednesday 25th July
Energy Burst

Thursday 26th July
Crazy Chemistry

Friday 27th July
Sparky Science

Detective Agency
Look out 007—the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! Step into the shoes of a detective—uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. Using the power of observation and all their Mad Science forensic training, our young detectives will have all they need to get started with their investigations. Children will find, collect, and analyze evidence using all the tricks and tests of the forensic trade! Then, they will explore fingerprint and footprint analysis, and become experts in handwriting as they try their hand at some real life graphology…!

Animal Antics
We are ready and waiting to bring your children into the amazing animal kingdom! Children learn about the most diverse and astounding creatures on earth as they experiment with camouflage and get hands-on with real tooth and claw replicas. They will then take a look at life in the sea as they plunge children into the depths of ocean life. Children explore different ocean ecosystems and learn about the plants and animals that live there. Classifying creatures from sharks to sponges gives them a real taste of ocean diversity.

Energy Burst
This energetic day explores energy transfer and energy conversion! Your mini Mad Scientists will jump and push up to reach their potential. Children will spring into action with poppers, Boinks, and jumping bugs. We will also catapult into Newton's three laws of motion! Performing hands-on experiments that help the children learn that objects tend to stay in motion or remain at rest unless met by an unbalanced force. We will be sending crash test dummies flying and yanking a cloth from under dishes (with no breakages)!

Crazy Chemistry
See Chemistry come alive before your eyes! The children discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science. They learn the difference between physical and chemical changes through exciting, hands-on investigations and see acetone reduce foam to a puddle of goo....! Children get their hands dirty with a non- Newtonian fluid and use hydrophobic compounds to make marbled masterpieces!

Sparky Science
In this electrifying day, your mini Mad Scientists will become wizards of electricity! Learn about the hidden power of electricity, its properties and its role in natural phenomena. Make indoor lightning while conducting hair-raising experiments with our electro-static generator...! You won’t believe your eyes! Sparks will fly whilst we dig deeper and introduce the charms of the Tesla Coil and Plasma Ball… Are you ready to form a human circuit to light up a light bulb, give each other mini electric shocks and even get to smell your own burning bogeys! Continuing our adventures in physics, the children will get hands-on looking at the opposites of the temperature scale; building their own thermometer and witnessing the power of an underwater volcano. They will explore the importance of the fire triangle whilst launching our very special Mad Science tea bag rocket! We certainly heat things up in this thermometer-changing sand-shaking session...
Scheduled DateTime
23 July 201810:00 - 15:00
24 July 201810:00 - 15:00
25 July 201810:00 - 15:00
26 July 201810:00 - 15:00
27 July 201810:00 - 15:00

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