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5 Day Summer London Camp 2018

Location: The William Hogarth School (W4 2JR)
Dates: 30 July 2018 - 03 August 2018details
Grades: Reception - Yr 6
Section #: WILLIAMHOG003
Registration closes: 04 August 2018
Special price ends19 June 2018
Regular price:£170.00
Early Bird Discount: £32.00 per child per day if you book before 5.00pm on Tuesday 19th June 2018.


Early Bird Discount: £32.00 per child per day if you book before 5.00pm on Tuesday 19th June 2018. (£36.00 thereafter) or Sibling Discount: 15% of total cost for siblings booked at the same time. Only one discount applies, highest value discount will be applicable. GROUP DISCOUNT: Book 5 or more children for one day in one transaction for £30.00 per child per day (This is not available online so please call us on 0203 031 6900)
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Monday 30th July: : Fantastic Forces
Tuesday 31st July: Lights, Colour, Action
Wednesday 1st August: Super Power Sources
Thursday 2nd August: Rockin Robots
Friday 3rd August: Mind-Blowing Magic

Fantastic Forces
Let's have some physics fun with fun-damental forces...! The children will find out what makes the world go around in an entertaining exploration of so many forces. Sir Isaac Newton would be proud when our young scientists investigate his 3 laws of motion. Children experiment with mass and balance using their own centres of gravity. A comparison between rubber and dough balls brings the physical effects of forces to light. Gyroscopes, bike wheels, and toy racetracks reveal the concepts of precession and centripetal force. Our mini Mad Scientists will then unlock the mysterious powers of magnets and explore their daily uses, whilst learning that in science opposites most definitely attract! Trace the history of the science of magnetism and learn some tricks of the magnet trade – including our Mad Science Indian Rope Trick and our Mad Science Floating Magnet Test.... Test for electro-magnetic fields and then use what you have learned to build your own electro magnet.

Lights, Colour, Action
To start the day the children will make your very own Mad Science T-Shirt’s using chromatography. Then delve deep into the world of light. Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light and see all the colours of the rainbow using diffraction glasses. All hail to Sir Isaac Newton and his wonderful work with prisms... Explore the brilliance of laser light - it's uses in astronaut science, business, technology, security and even discos! UV light gives us a glimpse of a different kind of light - and can tell us who has the whitest and shiniest teeth! Use chemistry to create our very own chemical light bulb and all the children will get to ‘catch their shadows’ using some fascinating physics…

Super Power Sources
It's time to become renewable energy superheros! Our mini Mad Scientists will embark on a quest for alternative energy sources. The children act as power hunters to pinpoint renewable and nonrenewable resources in our Spot The Source game. Can they use tight teamwork to turn on solar devices?? Or use a humble waterwheel to create a light show? And will a united breath of air manage to run a fan-powered light bulb? We finish the day with a closer look at wind power - the wonderful world of wind turbines and their breathtaking blades. Watch our giant turbine spin in a wind tunnel and discover that WIND POWER ROCKS!

Rockin Robots
Children become wrapped up in the world of robotics! Volunteers act out a robot, remote control device, and an automaton. Children circulate round workstations to control an automaton through sound, move a robot through a maze, and make a soccer robot score a goal! Then, the children will get charged up about the science of current electricity! They learn how tiny invisible particles — electrons — power everything from the fridge to the radio. All their problem-solving skills are put to use to create series and parallel circuits. Completing the circuit lights a bulb and sounds a buzzer. Once children master circuits, they learn about insulators, conductors, and experiment to find out what conducts. Using their new know-how helps solve mysterious hidden connections.

Mind-Blowing Magic
The Science of Magic leaves children astounded, amazed, and educated! They learn how magicians use our assumptions and perceptions about how the world works to entertain us. Discovering how to make objects disappear and reappear using optical illusions, polymers, mirrors, as well as hidden compartments, sleight-of-hand, and misdirection are part of the learning experience. The art of escape with Houdini’s chains and the power of perception with the crayon mind-reading trick are a few classics.
Scheduled DateTime
30 July 201810:00 - 15:00
31 July 201810:00 - 15:00
01 August 201810:00 - 15:00
02 August 201810:00 - 15:00
03 August 201810:00 - 15:00

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