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5 Day February Half Term Camp London

Location: Henry Cavendish Primary School
Dates: 18 February 2019 - 22 February 2019details
Grades: Reception - Yr 6
Section #: HENRY CAV006
Registration closes: 23 February 2019
Special price ends31 January 2019
Regular price:£170.00
Early Bird Discount: £32.00 per child per day if you book before 5.00pm on Thursday 31st Jan 19


Early Bird Discount: £32.00 per child per day if you book before 5.00pm on Thursday 31st January 2019 (£36.00 thereafter) or Sibling Discount: 15% of total cost for siblings booked at the same time. Only one discount applies, the highest value discount will be applicable. GROUP DISCOUNT: Book 5 or more children for one day in one transaction for £30.00 per child per day (This is not available online so please call us on 0203 031 6900)
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5 classes


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Monday 18TH February: Solids, Liquids and Gases
Tuesday 19TH February: Superhero Senses Day
Wednesday 20TH February: Opposites Attract
Thursday 21ST February: Lights, Colour, Action
Friday 22ND February: Spooky Sounds

Solid, Liquids and Gas
What’s the matter?! Learn about the 3 States of Matter – solids, liquids and gases! What solids, liquids and gases can you name? A battle between inertia and gravity, are you able to pull off the tablecloth trick?! What is a POLYMER? Can you put a knitting needle through a Balloon without making it pop? Explore Centrifugal force to uncover the mystery of the legendary Mad Science Tornado Tubes!

Superhero Senses
Who is your favourite super hero? A Superhero’s special powers are often linked to the 5 HUMAN SENSES. How sensational are your senses? Tantalise your taste buds, spell-blind your sight, noxify your nose, electrify your ears and hypnotize your hands.

Opposites Attract
Use mad magnets to make your own levitating doughnuts and see the effects of a neodymium magnet. Learn all about Daniel Bernoulli as you get covered in flying tissue in our awesome finale. Learn all about the concepts of the heat and heat transfer – How do hot and cold molecules move? Are you ready to get into the heat of the action?

Lights, Colour, Action
To start the day the children delve deep into the world of light. Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light and see all the colours of the rainbow using diffraction glasses. All hail to Sir Isaac Newton and his wonderful work with prisms... Explore the brilliance of laser light - its uses in astronaut science, business, technology, security and even discos! UV light gives us a glimpse of a different kind of light - and can tell us who has the whitest t-shirt and the shiniest teeth! Use chemistry to create our very own chemical light bulb and all the children will get to ‘catch their shadows’ using fascinating physics.

Spooky Sound
Time to become acoustic scientists! This means you will be learning about the science of sound! Why is a Lion roar louder than a ghost booo? Can you feel sound? Can you see sound? Make your own harmonica and make spooky sounds. Feel the vibrations and see the tidal waves created by a humble tuning fork, your mini Mad Scientists will get to grips with the basics of sound waves and frequencies

Scheduled DateTime
18 February 201910:00 - 15:00
19 February 201910:00 - 15:00
20 February 201910:00 - 15:00
21 February 201910:00 - 15:00
22 February 201910:00 - 15:00

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