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Flight Academy - 4 Days

The “Wright” Stuff, Up,Up and Away, The Milky Way, Newton’s Loco-Motion and Rockin’ Rockets. more info...
Location: Braemar House Private School
Dates: July-03-18 - July-06-18details
Grades: K - Gr 6
Section #: BRAE005
# Openings: 6
Registration closes: August-31-18


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The week will fly by as we travel through time looking at the earliest flying machines right up to modern day rocket launches. We’ll cover it all. Become a Junior Aviator and discover the principals of flight and aerodynamics. Zip up your space suit for a planetary tour while we investigate the wonders of our very own Milky Way. Join your fellow astronauts as we send an awesome Mad Science rocket to the moon…well at least into the sky! As Mad Science Technicians, you will build sundials, telescopes, parachutes and an incredible wind tunnel simulator. It will be a blast!
FA -Up, Up & Away
This program will explore the role that wind and the movement of air plays on simple flying devices such as kites, hot air balloons and parachutes. They will build their own kites and windsocks during this hands-on look at early flight.
FA-Newton's Loco-Motion
Sir Isaac Newton was very curious about how things move. Discover Newton's Laws of Motion and something called inertia in this hands-on program all about motion. Children will build a gravity simulator, and an inertia tester!
FA-Rockin' Rockets
Campers will learn the fundamentals of rocketry throughout this day including the parts of a rocket, the stages of rocket flight and how Newtons third law applies to a rocket travelling to space.
FA-The Wright Stuff
Children will explore the fundamentals of aerodynamics in this hands-on program about how things fly. From the basic principles of flight to building airplanes, testing them in wind tunnels, to hovercraft and balloon helicopter building.
Scheduled DateTimeActivity 
July-03-189:00 AM - 4:00 PMn/a
July-04-189:00 AM - 4:00 PMn/a
July-05-189:00 AM - 4:00 PMn/a
July-06-189:00 AM - 4:00 PMn/a

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