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Terms & Conditions

                                                                  MAD SCIENCE OF MANITOBA

                                                                     TERMS AND CONDITIONS 


Mad Science offers a safe learning environment for all children.  As such, by registering your child in the Mad Science Program you agree that your child will abide by the Mad Science Class Rules which are stated at the beginning of every class.  They are: Only one person talks at a time, don't touch any of the equipment without permission, don't spoil the surprise for others, respect each other and the classroom.  If necessary a phone call may be made to the parent informing of their child's behaviour. If after the phone call the behaviour does not improve, Mad Science reserves the right to ask your child to leave the program.

If you are picking up your child at the end of the Mad Science class you must be there at the designated time, (One hour and fifteen minutes after school dismissal).  A leeway of 10 minutes is allowed for traffic related issues however beyond that 10 minute leeway our instructor reserves the right to charge $1 per minute payable at the time you pick up your child. 

For schools where Mad Science Classes are held on multiple days, younger grades will attend on the earlier days progressing to the older children later in the week.  Day of registered class is subject to change based upon the number of registrations received. 

Dishonoured cheques will have a $5 service fee added to the original cost of registration.