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5 Day Camp North West

Location: Lytham Hall Park Primary School (FY8 4QU)
Dates: 08 April 2019 - 12 April 2019details
Grades: Reception - Yr 6
Section #: LYTMHPPS002
Registration closes: 13 April 2019
Special price ends22 March 2019
Regular price:£150.00


15% Early Bird Discount applies automatically until 22nd March 2019. After 22nd March when booking 2 or more places, siblings are eligible for a 10% discount. quote 'EASTER19' to receive 10% off sibling places at checkout.
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Here’s a sneak peak at some themes for this week!

It’s a bugs Life. How many legs does an insect have? Do all insects fly? How can insects defend themselves or find their way home? Answer all of these questions and design and create your own bug!

Crazy Construction! Which shapes are strong and which are not? Why does a Jenga tower stay up for so long? You will be part of a construction team building a large geodesic dome! Hands-on, exciting and lots of fun!

Organ Trail. What’s inside our bodies and what do the different bits do? Map out your body on a huge display and locate all the important bits! We will have an in-depth look at your digestive system too!

Earth, Wind and Fire. What makes up our world? We will learn about rocks, minerals, volcanoes and earthquakes. Could your building design withstand a ‘quake’? Are there other ways we can generate energy as well as coal, oil and gas? Help us find out!

On the last day at all of our camp venues we bring along classic Mad Science activities and experiments requested by the campers. With fun such as Hoverboard rides, Slime-making and Van de Graaf generators possible on the line up, we know you'll have a blast!
Scheduled DateTime
08 April 201909:30 - 15:30
09 April 201909:30 - 15:30
10 April 201909:30 - 15:30
11 April 201909:30 - 15:30
12 April 201909:30 - 15:30
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