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Owasso Elementary Special

All Four Elementary Programs! more info...
Location: Owasso- Discovery Bible Fellowship
Dates: Thursday, July 26, 2018 - Friday, July 27, 2018details
Grades: Gr 2 - Gr 6
Section #: CMP-OWASSO059
Registration closes: Thursday, August 02, 2018


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Secret Agent Lab
Look out 007—the Mad Science spy academy is in session this summer! Get into gear with Agent Undercover and learn what it takes to be successful in the spy world. From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, children have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and even create their own edible messages! They use a Secret Code Breaker to communicate in code, like real spies. With their Undercover Observer, they make and take home, they step into the shoes of a spy in action. The viewer allows them to observe visually; a key skill for agents undercover!

Sleuths on the Scene
Suspects, schematics, and sleuths… oh my! Connect the dots using science to help solve a
crime in this hands-on summer camp. Uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. Campers create, collect, and analyze evidence and discover what skills are necessary as a crime scene lab expert. Whodunit? They find out by using their Fingerprint Finder to place and identify UV prints. Campers continue their sleuthing at home using their Scene Solver take home to reconstruct the scene of a crime with family and friends.

Space Technology
This camp explores space-related technologies used on Earth. Campers let laser light through a maze, use principles of radar technology to find hidden mountains, and discover the importance of points of reference to depth perception. From there, it's out into space with the launch of a satellite into orbit (at the edge of their desks) and an examination of potential threats to spacecraft. They learn the science of rocketry. They investigate rocket propulsion using the compressed air inside balloons for thrust. They race balloon rockets and be challenged to devise a balloon-powered rocket car. They build and take home a model rocket using common home materials and learn the meticulous preparations necessary to send up a rocket!

Space Phenomena and Beyond Earth’s Atmosphere
Campers explore the phenomenal events that take place in the night sky. They create their own impact craters, and observe model meteors fall through a model atmosphere. After a friendly game of satellite tag designed to teach students about reflected light, students watch a model comet form right before their eyes. They explore the composition of real comets, using everyday kitchen ingredients. They discover the properties of the air around us and explore the atmosphere of Earth and those of planets beyond. Campers are challenged to keep ‘Arny’ the Aquanaut dry during an underwater walk, and to create their very own sunset.

Scheduled DateTime
Thursday, July 26, 20189:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Friday, July 27, 20189:00 AM - 3:30 PM

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