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Terms & Conditions

*Low Enrollment: Mad Science reserves the right to cancel the club if we do not reach our minimum.  In the event of a cancellation, parents will be notified via email at least 48 hours before the class is scheduled to begin.
*Weather: In the event of inclement weather, parents will be notified by Mad Science, via email, ONLY in the event that the regular school day is unaffected.  If school is cancelled or dismissed early, the district is responsible for notifying parents.  In ether event, Mad Science will make every effort to make up the skipped program at the end of the session
*Children MUST be current students at the school in order to participate.  Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis- please give us a call before signing up if you are interested.
*Descriptions are based on 8 weeks of programming. Programs less than 8 weeks in length will include many, but not all, of the experiments listed.

Waiting List Information

What is the waiting list?
When an activity is full, you can still sign up on the waiting list. This will put on a priority list of first-come-first-served if more spaces become available.
When is an activity considered full?
Sometimes an activity is only full because someone is ahead of you "in line" and registering for the activity but they may change their mind and abandon their order; priority then goes to the next person on the waiting list. Other times, it means that we have reached our maximum per instructor.  In this case, we encourage you to sign up for the waiting list so that we are able to gauge interest in opening up another class and scheduling an additional instructor. 
What happens once I'm on the waiting list?
There are two possibilities, 
1) someone may abandon their order and you will see the opening under "My Waiting List"
2) based on space and the number of people in the activity, we may be able to either allow more children into the activity or open another activity and then we will alert you to the new availability via email and/or phone
How much does it cost to go on the waiting list?
Nothing; it's absolutely free. You will not be charged or asked to enter any credit card/payment information until you choose to register for the activity.