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There are two ways for you to book a party:
1) Fill out this Booking Form
2) Give us a Call at 250-391-1814

We require a $75.00 deposit to reserve your party. The party cost is from $200.00 up, depending on the details and location of your party. You will be asked for Credit Card information to satisfy the deposit requirement. Give us a call or send a regular e-mail for additional info. Find our policies here.

When we receive this form, we ensure we can provide the party as you requested and send you a confirmation document via e-mail. We make every effort to contact you and arrange your party according to your needs.


Contact Information
Birthday Child's Information
Boy   Girl
Party Location
Party At:
There is a travel charge to your location. If the party is at other place then the address above, include the following location information & notes
Party Date & Time
Option 1
Option 2
Party Details & Upgrades
Party Package Basic  Silver  Gold
Add-on Programs Dry Ice & Bubbling Potions
Rocket Launch
Hovercraft Ride
Magic Cube Making
Periscope Building;
Goodie Bags  Qty
Deposit Payment Information
Credit Card Number
Example: Enter 0217 for February 2017
Comments & Additional Information


Party Discount Certificate?

Note: You have to present the certificate at the time of payment